*Very important. Please read before booking your party bus or limousine service*                         

 Our number one priority is to provide all of our customers with the best possible service at the best possible price. To do this it is important that you understand how we operate. It is likely that you are booking our services to help you celebrate a special occasion and although we are not here to spoil your fun, we have a few rules for you to consider before you enter into a hire contract with us. I will keep this as short as possible and in plain English so that you have a chance to read and understand our terms.  Please make your fellow passengers aware of our terms and conditions so that they have a chance to read and understand them.

Safety  We want you to have the best experience possible but we have a duty of care to make sure you are safe while you are in our vehicles. It is mainly common sense and some of it might seem obvious to you but here goes. For your comfort and safety CCTV is in operation in all of our vehicles. All CCTV footage is the property of our company, Bliss Limousine Hire. Sometimes we upload footage gathered on our CCTV systems to Facebook and You Tube. If you don't want to be filmed then please do not use our services. By booking our services you are giving your permission on behalf of yourself and your fellow passengers for any or all video footage, or photographs to be used by us, (Bliss Limousine Hire) on social media or any promotional material as we see fit. 

Seat belts  Seat belts must be worn where provided. Passengers must remain seated while the vehicle is moving .                                                                                                                                                                                             

Passenger conduct  Abusive, aggressive, or violent behaviour will not be tolerated whether towards fellow passengers or our drivers and staff. It is vital that our drivers are able to concentrate fully on driving the vehicle safely so if you feel that you must approach the driver, do so in a calm and respectful manner. Any queries or complaints etc can be dealt with appropriately once the vehicle comes to rest. We reserve the right to deny access to our vehicles if we feel your behaviour might jeapardise the comfort and safety of others, especially our staff. If we feel you are unfit to board our vehicles due to alcohol or drugs, (legal or illicit) you will not be allowed to travel. Your behaviour, or that of a fellow passenger could result in the cessation or cancellation of your hire without any refund or compensation.                                                                                                                 

Alcohol  You are permitted to bring alcohol on-board our vehicles but it is the responsibility of the lead hirer to ensure anyone consuming alcohol is at, or over the legal age to be able to do so. Our motto is, "The best party on wheels in the North east" we are not your parents or guardians and we are not here to spoil your fun but, we would encourage you to drink responsibly whether before, during, or after your time in our vehicles. Please be considerate and don't let too much alcohol spoil your special occasion.

Damage or breakages  Accidents happen but we expect unnecessary damage or breakages to be paid for. Please treat our vehicles and equipment with care and respect. Any breakages or damage caused wilfully or by negligence will be charged for including loss of earnings should the vehicle be beyond repair by the time of the next hire. Cleaning fees may be charged if our vehicle is left in an unreasonable state of hygiene above and beyond what would be deemed acceptable for the type of hire. A charge of £100 will be made especially should a passenger expel bodily fluids or otherwise onto any surface within the vehicle. The lead hirer is responsible for any charges made in relation to damage, breakages, or cleaning. Before volunteering yourself as lead hirer please consider your extra responsibilities. If you are in any doubt please do not hire our services.  We will also charge for any damage to our vehicles caused by a third party if the hirer or passengers incite vandelism. An example of this would be if a passenger threatens or insults another road user or pedestrian, and that person then damages our vehicle, the lead hirer will be responsible for the repair of our vehicle and any loss of earnings as a result of our vehicle being off the road. If you are not prepared to accept this policy then please do not hire our vehicles.                       

Booking times, departures and arrivals   Although we always do our very best to adhere to the times agreed on your booking form, sometimes it is just not possible. This can be due to weather, snow, ice, or other weather conditions. Traffic conditions including road closures, diversions, accidents can also affect booking times. Vehicle and equipment break down or failure can also come into play. We can not be held responsible for any of the above so can not offer refunds or discounts should a vehicle be late for any of the reasons stated above. Please remember, we will never be late deliberately and do everything we can to provide a punctual service. We do however expect all passengers to be at the arranged place at the arranged time as any delays has a knock on effect. It is not always possible for our vehicles to wait should you be late so you could be left behind without any refund or compensation. In the unlikely event of one of our vehicles breaking down we will always try to arrange alternative transport so you are not left stranded. In the event of mechanical failure or a puncture, your journey will recommence as soon as the vehicle has been repaired providing a repair can be carried out at the roadside. We can not be held responsible should this result in you being late for any appointments, flights, trains etc. Although we will do our best, it is not always possible to provide like for like transport at short notice.


Deposits and payments 

Deposits. A deposit is required to secure your booking unless by prior agreement.

Deposits are non refundable after a period of two days unless paid within 30 days of the actual hire date. All deposits paid within 30 days of the actual hire date are non refundable at all. Should we have to cancel your booking then your deposit will be refunded in full unless we have to cancel because you the customer can not adhere to our terms and condition


We can not accept cancellations within 30 days of the actual hire date and full payment will be expected for the service you have booked should you wish to cancel. 

Special dates and events

 We are unable to accept cancellations for special events such as school proms, year six leavers, sporting events, concerts, and other special dates such as Valentines day, Boxing Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, New Years Day, and Bank Holidays. This is because these dates can be booked a long time in advance and once booked we are turning customers away. Potential customers stop enquiring about these special dates once they are told we have no availability so we are usually unable to replace your booking. Please remember, if you cancel, full payment will be expected if we can not replace your booking. 


We are unable to accept cancellations for wedding vehicle hire as weddings are booked up to two years in advance so once we take your booking we have to turn potential customers away as we can usually only do one wedding per vehicle per day.

In the event you do have to cancel our services we will always do our best to mitigate your losses by trying to secure another booking to replace yours. Should this be possible then we will use the revenue from the booking to offset any financial liability you have incurred. Obviously the closer you leave it to the hire date to cancel, the less chance we have to secure a replacement booking. If in any doubt please don't book our services.

The lead hirer,  whose name appears on the booking form has a great deal of extra responsibility so please think long and hard  before putting yourself forward as lead hirer. You could end up seriously out of pocket should your fellow passengers let you down so if you are in any doubt, please do not book with us. If you still want to go ahead and book we strongly advise  that you collect any financial contributions from fellow passengers before entering into a legally binding contract with us or indeed any other company. Please remember, if you are the lead hirer and your name is on the booking form you are resposponsible for any damage to our equipment and vehicles caused by any passenger in your party. You are also responsible for all payments including deposits and final balance for the service or vehicle you have hired.